Monthly Website Maintenance/Support Plans


PROACTIVE Website Management.
Don’t Wait for the Problems to Happen!

Peace of Mind Knowing We Are Monitoring Your Website.
Install CMS Platform Updates | Content Updates | SEO auditing and adjustments | Review analytics & search data, Google tools | Design adjustments

All websites should have regular maintenance and have a professional’s eyes on your site every month has significant advantages.  With a monthly maintenance plan we actively monitor and allocate a time  to spend with your site performing updates, software upgrades, content revisions, SEO auditing, backups, Review traffic and analytics, check for any aesthetic or design issues that need fixing, among whatever else we find as we spend some quality time caring for you website.

Secure Time in Our Work Schedule

We can only take on so many projects and also want to support our existing clients.  When the workload is busy it is more difficult and often not possible to take on small or large on demand work requests.  Having a maintenance contract with us will ensure you have time allocated in our schedule.

Monthly Support Plans

Billed quarterly or annually.
3 month minimum.
Unused hours can carry over 1 month.
Plans are priced per site/domain.

  • 1 Hour
    1 Hour of website maintenance per month.  We will use the time at the to apply any platform updates, give an overall site review to make sure everything looks ok and fix up any minor issues we see during the review, check on SEO, and misc other tasks.

    Every site can use at least an hour a month maintenance.

    Recommended for WordPress sites.

  • 3 Hours
    Plan includes 3 Hours of monthly website maintenance and support.
  • 5 Hours
    Save  about 7% compared to our regular hourly rate of $75/hr.

    Plan includes 5 Hours of monthly website maintenance.

    We will generally reserve at least an hour for the handle essential maintenance such as platform updates.

  • 10 Hour
    More active sites and larger businesses.  This is the minimum you should consider if you anticipate weekly communications, conference calls with various website stakeholders, have a large site, have multiple sites, are looking for more detailed analytics analysis, will have regular content updates.  For some of our larger clients, we can easily exceed this just in communications.

    10% savings

  • 20 Hours
    Plan includes 20 Hours of monthly website consulting, development, maintenance and support.

    15% discount from normal rate.

  • Custom Plan
    Contact Us
    We are happy to put together a custom plan for your needs.   Please contact us to discuss.
Essential Services

WordPress Security
Our proactive approach to security combines Firewall, hardening & fixing potential threats before they become a problem.

WordPress Support
Excellent customer service never goes out of style! We take pride in providing the best WordPress support in the industry.

WordPress Maintenance
Keeping your website running smoothly and looking great amidst a world of software, device or browser updates.

WordPress Backups
Rock solid, cloud-based back ups of your entire WordPress website is the cornerstone of disaster recovery and peace of mind.

WordPress Updates
Keeping your software up to date is the most powerful way to secure your site and stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

24/7 Monitoring
Be the first to know when your website is offline and take comfort in knowing you have a team of experts to get you back online fast.